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Who we are

HELLEN C. is an Italian society which leads a network of agencies, each of whom has its own and renowned professionalism, offers comprehensive services in the fields of Communications and Business Strategy, develops Marketing projects and organizes events in foreign markets. The company works with a wide range of exportable products from different commercial industries: from fashion and luxury trade to the beauty, health and food sector, and from the travel industry to the retail and entertainment sector, without forgetting consumer brands and technology goods and services.

Capable to adapt to the needs and demands of each sector, the HELLEN C. Group takes the maximum advantage of the company’s strengths and exploits its markets opportunities, studying the product and its characteristics scrupulously to find  the brand optimal position in a specific foreign market. Despite it operates at an international and multinational level, HELLEN C. grants the flexibility and adaptability of a local agency that knows in depth the language, the culture and the habits inherent to the geographic area in which it performs its activities.
Headquartered in Brescia (Northern Italy), the sphere of action of HELLEN C. team members spreads from North America to the Middle East, passing by Europe and South America, allowing our customers to access business expansion plans with no limits to the creativity nor to the frontiers.
Professionalism, innovation and adaptability, together with the tenacity of a highly specialized professional and international team and with proven experience in Marketing and Communications fields, are all characteristics that allow the HELLEN C. Group to guarantee the best results and the most appropriate solutions to its clients, offering a highly customized focus aimed at accomplishing sales targets and brand spreading in alien markets.



Become the reference agency for companies willing to undertake promotional and distribution activities of their products and expand their presence in foreign commercial sectors, proposing an added value to the mediation between businesses and destination markets.


Provide comprehensive services to retail companies in the areas of Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, and Events Organization, offering the global structure and local knowledge necessary to create a convincing dialogue between brands and new target audiences in a foreign market.



What we do

The HELLEN C. Group is an integrated Promotional Office which offers Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, and Events Organization Services to local and foreign companies willing to promote their products and see their brands represented in foreign markets.
Thanks to an large network of professionals who operate in different offices around the world, HELLEN C. is a specialist in the launching and consolidation of new brands in overseas markets assuming the all-round management of Communications and Marketing Plans, taking care of every detail of the company’s image over space and time, with the main aim of positioning a product of high quality and character in a foreign market, increasing the company’s benefits and reducing costs and risks related to business activities beyond their frontiers.
HELLEN C. works hardly to build-up a satisfactory client portfolio for its partners, conceiving and carrying out comprehensive projects that include services in areas such as advertising, public relations, branding and designing, media management, digital marketing, overseas business support to companies, before and after sale customer assistance, advising and consulting to enterprises, networking, events organization, and many more services.
The HELLEN C. network always proposes to their clients focused and personalized solutions adapted to the foreign market’s characteristics thanks to a professional work based in 5 essential pillars that assure a high-level service and concrete results for each single business initiative:

  • ANALYSIS. Studying every project’s specific needs;
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING. Design brand penetration and positioning;
  • COMMUNICATIONS AND BRANDING. Communications and Brand Management;
  • BUSINESS FOCUS. Implementing strategies that impulse business activities;
  • MEASURABLE RESULTS. Offering solutions in the short, medium and long term.

Why choose us

The HELLEN C. Group builds up relations of trust and understanding with each enterprise establishing a productive and lasting collaboration, thanks to the following differential factors that contribute to the success of those international projects to which the Group fully dedicates its activity:

EXPERIENCE: We have wide experience in the setting up and running of business solutions and in implementing successful communication and marketing international projects. We have been able to export and import products in markets that before were hardly achievable.
INTEGRATION: We offer comprehensive and cross-functional services which simplify the company’s work in their commercial activities abroad, proposing a relevant added value to the mediation between brands and destination markets. We deeply know the characteristics of local costumers and we satisfy our client’s needs delivering complete and personalized initiatives.
GLOBALITY. We have made globalization our own battlefield, taking down those barriers in the communication areas and product commercialization that impeded taking advantage of business opportunities existing in other countries. We have contributed to transform local brands in global brands without loosing sight of their unique and original character.
SUCCESS. We distinguish ourselves from the competition because we offer the best solutions to each particular case, finding the brand’s perfect position in the foreign market, increasing the sales and fostering the product’s international visibility with creative and innovative activities.


The HELLEN C. Group provides its clients a flexible and dynamic international structure which is composed by highly specialized professionals that allow us to offer a wide variety of services adapted to the typology of products to be promoted in the areas of Communications and Media Relations, Business and Commercial Strategy, Marketing, Public Relations and Events Organization.
The purpose of HELLEN C.’s work is to bring brands into contact with costumers, influence commercial decisions and create unique and customized experiences. The close synergy existing between the different working divisions is the key that allows HELLEN C. accomplish with success any business initiative and the launching of your products abroad.


The HELLEN C. Group works forging a close collaboration between the brand and media actors, stylists, fashion bloggers and purchasing agents, encouraging in every detail the product recognition in a specific foreign distribution market. According to the promotional sector, the agency relies on a heterogeneous team of experts and creative professionals able to elaborate communication plans not only to increase the brand’s presence in the market but also to promote events, exhibitions, fashion shows, openings, product launches, and marketing strategies capable to satisfy the most demanding requests, assimilating in real-time the variations of market demand.
HELLEN C. and its network of agencies will take care of designing and managing your projects assuming competences and roles such as press office, mass media relations, editing and publishing of editorials and web articles, media monitoring, press reviews, press days, promotional and advertising campaigns (online and offline), translations, product placements, VIP endorsements, and much more. It develops those messages to be transmitted to the media in the most strategic and effective way, with the aim of exercising influence over the image of your brand, over a new product to be promoted, over your company’s reputation, or over the visibility and recognition of your enterprise, with personality and added value.
The HELLEN C. staff is fully aware of the role of new technologies in global distribution markets and for this reason it distinguishes itself by firmly betting on a brand’s online presence, and by ensuring to its clients a wide commercial visibility space, both in real life and in the virtual world of Internet.


The HELLEN C. Group is committed to develop ideal business and marketing strategies to involve your product’s customers and potential distributors in new foreign markets. Thanks to its cross-disciplinary standpoint, the team of experts and analysts will project and implement a personalized and strategic marketing plan focused on the economic targets and commercial purposes of your company.
In the marketing plans that HELLEN C. elaborates for its clients are included not only traditional services such as consultancy for openings of new points of sale abroad, before and after-sale assistance, sales promotion and advertising campaigns, but it also takes into account the most innovative techniques in the area of online marketing: branding, customer loyalty activities, email marketing, brand strategic positioning in Internet, the use of non-traditional distribution channels (e-commerce), online marketing campaigns, online reputation systems, the application of the latest technology, as well as all promotional instruments available (from viral and guerrilla activities, to competitions, activities in the points of sales and social network advertising).
The HELLEN C. team will study in detail the characteristics of your products, of potential distribution channels and of the target audience to understand the needs and demands of your customers in a foreign market so as to deliver you a package of Integrated Marketing Services that includes a totally personalized brand strategy tailored specifically to your firm.


The HELLEN C. Group completes its services with intense public relation activities that guarantee a unique visibility and strategic positioning of your products in a specific foreign distribution market. Our professional team will conceive a public relations strategy adapted to the demands and characteristics of your goods, to build up a direct link between the company and its new target of costumers that transmits a strong and convincing image of your brand.
The main aim of the public relations activities is to make possible to our clients to reach such costumers sectors, geographical areas and virtual spaces in which they have never previously established. Developing a wise and considered strategy, the HELLEN C.’s network of contributors shall ensure that your products will be placed in the most convenient sites to obtain the maximum Media exposure, influence costumer’s decisions and general public’s opinion and behavior, and therefore maximize sales.
Among the different services that HELLEN C.’s experts advance in the PR strategies there are activities such as networking (among media agents, stylists, industry bloggers, TV/radio personalities,…), business promotion (Trade PR), brand testimonials’ search and selection, celebrity endorsements, lunch and press events, sponsorship and co-branding activities, brand representation in public events, institutional relations, and much more, both in local and global markets.


The HELLEN C. Group projects and carries out a great variety of tailored events for your company, adjusting to your needs and to the product’s characteristics, always offering a creative vision, a special and surprising touch according to the client’s business objectives. Our broad international experience, the deep knowledge of places and local habits, the professionalism and the innovative thinking constitute the perfect combination to guarantee the success of your event.
Our team of experts located in our peripheral offices and specialized in the management of events ensure your celebrations’ success abroad, whether they are conventions, open days, pop-up stores, meetings, fairs, exhibitions, congresses, presentations, corporative events, media meetings, openings and inaugurations, facilities conditioning and catering services, entertainment actions (DJs, music, performances, acrobatics,…), product launching or street actions.
HELLEN C. and its network of professional contributors will take care of all necessary services to organize your event abroad – from the searching of premises and establishments to the hiring and coordination of distributors, transfers organization, client’s reception, conditioning of facilities,… – securing that every detail is carefully planned, building up for each client a personalized program which meets the objectives set out and satisfies your demands and expectations.


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